The Monthly Mixtape: Steven Hyden’s Favorite Songs From July 2018

Cultural Critic


Every month Uproxx Cultural Critic Steven Hyden compiles a playlist of his favorite songs from new albums.

The 1975, “Love It If We Made It”

It looks like 2018 is shaping up to be A Year In Which People Argue About The 1975. I like them, but I get why people hate them. In fact, I think part of liking The 1975 is appreciating that there’s a young rock band that’s brash enough to actually inspire intense feelings one way or the other. As far as I’m concerned, though, this song slaps.

Wild Pink, “Love Is Better”

This is my favorite song from one of my favorite albums of the year. Two albums in, Wild Pink are already masters of sensitive-guy rock, like a missing link between Jackson Browne and Death Cab For Cutie. Play this song loud the next time you see teenagers having a melodramatic moment in the rain.

Deafheaven, “Near”

This is the least metal-sounding song from Deafheaven’s least metal-sounding album, Ordinary Corrupt Human Love. You could play it at a nursing home and soothe the bingo players. It’s perfect for the dog days of summer.

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