Here Are 20 Of The Best Spotify Playlists For Every Genre

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best spotify playlists right now

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Last Updated: September 6th

Before the turn of the millennium, the way music enthusiasts enjoyed their beats was as archaic as the medieval practice of bloodletting. Okay, so that may be a bit hyperbolic, but prior to the inception of streaming services around the year 2010, selecting music was a tedious production that included either spending an inordinate amount of money or giving your computer incurable diseases. Lookin’ at you, Limewire.

Luckily times have changed, the Earth has shifted and innovation in music listening has changed the lives of all those who indulge. From Deadheads to Smilers to Wayniacs, fans of any genre can endlessly relish in their cherished tunes, with just the click of a button.

Yet, as is always the way, innovation has brought about an abundance that is often hard to sift through. To combat this, we’ve selected the best Spotify playlists broken down by genre. So sit back, relax and plug in your headphones as you scroll through the best of what this music streaming renaissance has inspired.

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Hip Hop — “Rap” By Justin Baker, “old school rap” by Xavi Fer

Beloved by members of every walk of life, including the quintessential awkward dad who casually sings along even to the more brazen lyrics, hip hop has become one of music’s most prominent genres. With the list of modern rap superstars ever growing and new albums constantly being released, it can be difficult to keep up with all the latest hits. The Spotify playlist appropriately dubbed “Rap” by Justin Baker, however, is pretty comprehensive that includes all the genre’s top songs and artists. Featuring rappers like ScHoolboy Q, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Drake and many others, you can be confident you’ll know all the lyrics when trying to impress your cohorts with your flawless rap skills. However, if you’re more into the iconic, throwback beats of Notorious B.I.G., 2Pac and Snoop Dogg, check out the also well-titled playlist, “old school rap” by Xavi Fer.

Pop — “Pop All Day” by Spotify Canada, “Throwback-Pop” by Ruth Park

Though current pop hits usually are the fastest to lose their luster by being wildly overplayed in the club or radio, today’s chart topping hits seem to be an exception. Though you’ve likely heard Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” so many times to the point where you’ve memorized its corresponding dance, or feel like you may just rival Maddie Ziegler when it comes to the moves seen in the “Cheap Thrills” video, you’re still not sick of these poppy tracks. Boasting all the best, Spotify Canada allows you to “Pop All Day” with their playlist that hosts Selena Gomez, Mike Posner, Ariana Grande and more. However, while pop has hit a peak in 2016, we can’t discount the throwbacks. If you’re thirsty for some OG Britney Spears or the sounds of sexy boy bands like NSYNC or the Backstreet Boys, look no further than Ruth Park’s “Throwback-Pop.”

EDM — “EDM Party” by Spotify Deutschland, “Electric Zoo Guest List” by Spotify

It seems like not even country music is as polarizing as the current trend that is EDM. Whether the music has you running for your neon socks ready to participate in the debauchery that comes along with an EDM concert, or has you reaching for your noise canceling headphones, you have to admit the genre has become an institution. All the best head pulsing tracks can be found on Spotify Deutschland’s “EDM Party” with artists ranging from Kaskade to Steve Aoki, Avicii and more. If something synthetic has you yearning for even more, you don’t need the assistance of a promoter to get you on the “Electric Zoo Guest List.” Another one of Spotify’s playlists, this one includes electronic dance music favorites like Tiësto, The Chainsmokers and 3Lau amongst others.

Country — “Country Hits” by Digster, “Country CoffeeHouse” by Spotify

While this genre is yet another as dividing as the current Presidential Election or Kim K. vs T. Swift, if you find yourself donning cowboy hats and employing the contraction “y’all,” there are some Spotify playlists you’ll think were made exclusively for you. Digster’s “Country Hits” playlist provides exactly what it promises. Slip on those cowboy boots and toss back some whiskey while tapping your feet to the tunes of Sam Hunt, Luke Bryan, Blake Shelton, Lady Antebellum and all the other country A-listers. Yet if you’re winding down and seeking more mellow melodies, Spotify made a pretty exhaustive list of chill country hits. “Country CoffeeHouse” features the work of Nickel Creek, Brandy Clark, Alison Krauss amid a slew of others.

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