Beyonce Celebrates Her Birthday By Finally Adding ‘Hold Up’ To YouTube

The almighty Beyoncé turns 35 today, but it’s the Beyhive that can boast about getting a pretty sweet birthday gift. Mind you, we’re pretty confident Queen Bey probably did okay with her birthday haul, so it’s good stuff in all corners. So what did Beyoncé get us greedy goofs? The arrival of “Hold Up” on YouTube. We’ll take it!

The stunning (and somewhat controversial) clip has been released from its Lemonade visual album habitat to frolic on the video streaming service away from Tidal and HBO. Odds are, you’ve already come across the promo in some capacity a couple hundred times, but now it’s even easier to watch at your convenience. Plus, Beyoncé wailing on that car with her baseball bat sorta doubles as a piñata smash for today’s big day. Of course, when Beyoncé smashes a piñata, a bounty of MTV Video Music Awards tumble out and folks get incredibly upset if you’re not delighted by this dynamic. You should be. Beyoncé is great and may have outdone Harley Quinn in the category of bat-handling thrills in 2016.

We have Beyoncè’s “Hold Up” video located above for your viewing and listening pleasure, because why wouldn’t we? Here’s hoping we don’t have to wait until her next birthday for another standalone offering from Lemonade to migrate to YouTube.