Beyonce Gave A Stirring Rendition Of ‘Halo’ For The Victims Of Orlando

Beyoncé joined the ranks of musicians sending their condolences to the victims of the Orlando shooting and their families last night. At her Formation World Tour stop in Detroit on June 14, Bey dedicated the song “Halo” to the grieving city.

She pointed out that the song was about love before dedicating the song to the victims of the worst mass shooting in recent American history and their families.

Bey seems to be moving away from her long-held tendency to stay out of the political spotlight. Through the imagery she chooses to use in her videos, the songs that she creates and the rare interview, Beyoncé has marked herself as a clear supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement (even if it was kept under wraps that she and Jay Z were donating money to the cause). Beyoncé also donated over $82,000 to help in the Flint water crisis.

As for her dedication to Orlando, Bey is one of many artists who have taken the time to speak out about the tragedy. Adele recently dedicated her entire concert to the victims and Lady Gaga couldn’t make it through her own tribute to the victims without crying. A less star-studded (but just as heart-wrenching) tribute came via the London Gay Men’s Choir, who sang “Bridge Over Troubled Water” at a vigil for the victims in London.

(Via MTV)