Beyoncé’s ‘Nine Four Eight One’ Song Is A Flashy Celebration Of Her Birthday Thanks To Kevin JZ Prodigy, TS Madison, And Kevin Aviance

Birthdays mark a monumental moment in everyone’s life. But, when you’re an international superstar, that intensity is magnified by one million percent. For singer Beyoncé, her special day is worthy of musical celebration.

Tonight (September 4), the Beyhive monarch will celebrate her birthday onstage during her Renaissance World Tour‘s final night in Inglewood. However, that’s not enough for the highly decorated entertainer. In addition to what will be a magnificent show, she’s shared a new high-energy dance track, “Nine Four Eight One,” (named after her birthday year) for those who can’t groove along with her at the concert.

She took to her official Instagram page to upload the song, which features Kevin JZ Prodigy, TS Madison, and Kevin Aviance, all notable figures and advocates in the LGBTQ community.

The club-ready record mixes ballroom emceeing with flashy EDM production. The song’s opening stanza, “Miss Tina, Miss Tina, what can we say / You gave birth to her on this day / The magic that we all have seen / Made many of us happy, baby / Everything we see is pure,” is an overflow of love to Beyoncé and her mother, Tina Knowles.

Madison (who is also featured on the track “Cozy”) adds in her spicy adds libs, “They say Yoncé all on his mouth like liquor / She still all on his mouth like liquor,” a callback to the Grammy Award record holder’s 2013 interlude “Yoncé.” Madison continues, “You know why? / She’s Beyoncé b*tch / Beyoncé is not to be compared to any other b*tch.”

Her last-minute special wardrobe request for those attending her birthday show was worth it.

Listen to the track above.