Beyonce Set A New VMAs Record That Likely Won’t Be Broken For Some Time

Getty Image

It’s pretty much law at this point that Beyonce is an unquestionable deity. Her work is truly second to none. I mean, you saw that performance, right? Anyway, no need to rehash what’s already known. But here is something you may not have noticed among all of the dominating going on by way of her 15 minute mini-concert and eight wins: Beyonce is now the most decorated VMA winner of all time. With the moonmen that she picked up on Sunday, she now has 24, passing the previous holder in Madonna who held the record with 20.

Beyonce’s reign looks pretty secure for the time being. The list after her hosts Madonna with 20, then drops to 13 with Lady Gaga and Peter Gabriel, 12 with R.E.M. and Eminem, and 11 with Green Day and Justin Timberlake. Seeing as how only a couple of those acts are even still recording anymore, let alone at the height of their popularity, it seems that Bey won’t have anyone nipping at her heels about this record. But that’s the way it goes in the Age of Bey: The queen stays the queen.

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