Big Sean, ASAP Ferg, And Hit-Boy Evade A Mob Of Kids In An Alternate Universe In The ‘Bezerk’ Video

Big Sean season is not disappointing, as he has just released the video for “Bezerk” with ASAP Ferg and Hit-Boy.

The video starts with an establishing shot of a corner store, finding Sean and Ferg inside. After being overcharged for two bags of chips and an Arizona drink, Sean and Ferg politic outside. Ferg says to Sean that Arizonas will kill his sperm count, while Sean one-ups Ferg saying that if whoever told him that really cared they’d inform him about air pollution, meditation, and would’ve strayed him away from fried foods. Sean ends his rant by telling Ferg that Arizonas do indeed mess up men’s sperm counts, which leads Ferg to call him “Bezerk.”

After a little girl approaches the two, throwing an unknown substance at them, they’re now seen on foot being chased by a mob of kids. Eventually, the duo finds Hit-Boy, who pulls up a vintage car with surfboards on the top. In an alternate universe, the trio surfs the road before falling below the ground, but out of the sky, to their final destination inside a hot air balloon of a crowd of people partying. The trio appear center stage to perform and close out the video, at peace with no kids around

Sean and Ferg debuted “Bezerk” the day of the VMAs, performed the song that night at the show, and Sean ended up on Hot 97 to drop a freestyle an hour after. He’s expected to release his new album soon.