Blackbear’s Upcoming Single, ‘Hot Girl Bummer,’ Is Making Megan Thee Stallion’s Hot Girls Really Mad

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On the same day that Megan The Stallion’s “Hot Girl Summer” with Nicki Minaj and Ty Dolla Sign would debut atop the Rolling Stone‘s 100, hip-hop/R&B singer/songwriter Blackbear announced his single “Hot Girl Bummer” would be released this week (on Thursday, according to Bear’s Twitter bio).

Once Bear and his “cubs” made the hashtag #hotgirlbummer trend on Twitter, Megan The Stallion’s hot girls caught wind, and they weren’t thrilled. The hot girls think Blackbear’s attempting to gentrify black culture and market it towards a predominantly white mainstream audience. Check the replies under Bear’s tweet.

In a now-deleted tweet, Bear responded to one of the hot girls’ criticisms on Twitter.

“(“Hot Girl Bummer”) is not a parody (and) has nothing to do with (“Hot Girl Summer”),” Blackbear said in a tweet. “It has to do with the caption trend #hotgirlsummer #hotgirlbummer.”

The slew of hate mail residing under Bear’s tweet announcing his upcoming single “Hot Girl Bummer” took no prisoners.

As of Tuesday, Meg has yet to comment on Bear’s announcement. With a tour alongside Future later this month and a showcase in October, the captain of Hot Girl Summer does not have much time to spend on such things. Next week, Meg will look to push “Hot Girl Summer” into the Billboard 100’s top 10, a list her single debuted No. 11 on.