Fans Criticize Blueface For Tossing Money At Homeless People On Skid Row

With rappers getting into the swing of giving back for holidays, LA rapper Blueface looked to join in the festivities yesterday, but the way he chose to “give back” has angered fans, who criticized his actions as dehumanizing. Monday afternoon, Blueface went to Skid Row in Downtown Los Angeles and made it rain dollar bills while standing on top of a vehicle. In the video below, the homeless residents of Skid Row can be seen scrambling to pick up the fallen money, with one saying “thank you” as Blueface re-enters the vehicle.

However, once the video began to go viral on Twitter, observers weighed in on Blue’s actions, calling them “disgusting and degrading.”

One observer empathetically noted that she believed Blueface’s heart was in the right place, but “you cannot help people by humiliating them. The little cash they scraped from the ground isn’t enough to help. There were more effective ways to help.”

Meanwhile, some of Blueface’s fellow rappers chimed in as well. Chika pointed out that “there are far better ways to give to the needy other than making a f*cking spectacle of yourself and tossing money in the air” and suggested that he could “do a food drive” and “learn about the people out there.” Cupcakke simply called Blueface “a real life cornball.”

Blueface has his defenders though. One noted, “I had an opinion about this and then I asked myself, self how much money did you give? The answer was none. Carry on Blueface.” Others asked, “If Blueface was in front of you throwing $50,000 you gone get on Twitter and complaining about how degrading it was or you gone pick that shit up?”

Overall, though, the sentiment seems to be that, while Blueface’s intention may have been to do a good deed, his method left a lot to be desired. Check out more responses below.