Bobby Shmurda Nearly Fought A Fan After They Allegedly Threw A Water Bottle At Him

This past weekend was set to be another positive moment for Bobby Shmurda as he slowly yet surely finds his footing again in the music world. The rapper was released from prison in February after serving almost seven years for conspiracy to commit murder and weapons charges. Since gaining his freedom, Bobby has made several public appearances but few of them have come with new music or performances. All of that changed this weekend as he released his “No Time For Sleep” freestyle on Friday ahead of his set at the Made In America festival on Sunday.

Just a day before the rapper took the stage, however, a video shared by TMZ captured him nearly coming to blows with a fan at the festival. According to the publication, attendees at the showcase said someone in the crowd threw a water bottle at the rapper which caused him to try and seek out the individual. Shmurda tried to climb a barricade that separated him from fans, but thankfully, a member of the rapper’s crew was able to restrain him before he could get over it. He was then pulled away by his team and taken elsewhere before the situation got worse.

It should be noted that Shmurda’s release from prison came with strict conditions. It includes not being able to drink alcohol, attend any bars, or associate with gangs, abiding by an 8 p.m. curfew unless allowed otherwise. The rapper also must submit to drug testing, and receive aggression and anger counseling and seek, obtain, and maintain employment. All in all, moments like these are ones that Shmurda can’t afford to deal with.

You can watch a video of the incident on TMZ here.