Bradley Cooper Won’t Try To Be Jackson Maine For His Oscars Performance With Lady Gaga

It’s Oscar season, which means stars from 2018’s most revered films are all out and about, doing what they can to get their movies on people’s minds. Last night, A Star Is Born director and co-star Bradley Cooper stopped by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, and he had some bad news for fans who were hoping he’d do his Oscars performance of “Shallow” with Lady Gaga in character as Jackson Maine.

For the last few minutes of the interview, Cooper talked about performing the song Gaga in Las Vegas, and said that when he saw the video later, it made him realize how different he is from the character he played, saying, “That guy certainly isn’t a rock star. […] I watched the video back […] and I just look like this sort of idiot from Philadelphia singing with Lady Gaga. […] I was like, ‘Oh, Jackson’s gone.'” A bit later, Colbert asked if Cooper was ready to “get his Jackson Maine back on,” and he answered, “He’s gone. I’m not gonna try to get him back. But I will be me singing.”

Cooper also talked about winning his first Grammy, saying it would probably be the only one he ever wins. He also discussed the challenges of filming the Grammys scene in A Star Is Born, saying they had trouble replicating the Grammy trophy, and that the Recording Academy is very particular about how they want to see the award portrayed on screen.

Watch clips from Cooper’s conversation with Colbert above and below.