Brockhampton Return To ‘The Tonight Show’ For A High-Octane Performance Of ‘District’

If it seems like Brockhampton was just on The Tonight Show, that’s because their last appearance came only four months ago, when the group performed “Tonya.” There were a lot of questions surrounding Brockhampton at the time: The band had just canceled tour dates after group co-founder Ameer Vann faced accusations of abuse. This meant that their album might face delay, but things have become a lot more certain since then. They released their major-label debut Iridescence a month ago, and it topped the charts. The band was in a different place during last night’s appearance on Fallon, and it’s apparently a place with a ton of energy, as evidence by their performance of “District.”

The performance began with the group standing still in the dark in front of a string section, but that was just the calm before the storm. Once the beat dropped, the group ran around and took advantage of all the space afforded to them and then some, as Joba found his way into the crowd. Then, as quickly as it erupted, the Brockhampton members returned to their initial positions and closed out the track on a more soothing note.

Watch Brockhampton perform “District” above.

Iridescence is out now via RCA Records. Get it here.