Brockhampton’s ‘I Been Born Again’ Is The Frenetic Start Of A New Era

It’s hard to believe Brockhampton haven’t released any new music in 2019. Between Kevin Abstract‘s solo release Arizona Baby and the band’s presence at many major festivals this season, Brockhampton have remained omnipresent even in their break between albums.

But it looks like the wait for new music is over. Earlier this month, the band teased an upcoming release called Ginger coming in August. We still don’t know for sure the exact release date of Ginger, but Brockhampton are launching into August with a new single, “I Been Born Again,” and a striking new video.

Directed by Spencer Ford, the “I Been Born Again” video matches the kinetic mood of the song. The beat starts stressed and anticipatory, and builds to a thrilling fracture at the end. In the video, rappers Kevin Abstract, Merlyn Wood, Dom McLennon, Joba, and Matt Champion trade verses singing to a a spinning camera on the ground. Shot in black-and-white and dizzying 360-degree angles, the video turns a parking lot into a swirling canvas. The video finally explodes into color at the end, as the band stands in a circle looking down at the camera expectantly, and the Ginger logo appears over their faces. It’s a thrilling start to a new era. Welcome back the “best boy band since One Direction.”

Watch the video for “I Been Born Again” above.