Bryan Cranston Said Drake Was Surprised By His And Aaron Paul’s Appearance At His Birthday Party

Though Breaking Bad may have ended over a decade ago, co-stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul have maintained a wonderful friendship. The two still make appearances at events together, promoting their Mezcal brand, Dos Hombres.

Last October, photos surfaced of the two online with Drake at the rapper’s birthday party. Many fans believed Drake had hired the Breaking Bad co-stars to bartend at his party. But last night (January 29), during an appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, he revealed that their presence at the party actually came as a surprise to Drake.

“Did Drake just call you and say, ‘Would you bartend on my birthday?,'” asked Colbert.

Cranston then joked that this was actually a side hustle he picked up amid the SAG-AFTRA strike.

“Well, no,” said Cranston. “He called the catering company, and because it was the strike, I needed a gig. I was bartending just to pick up a few bucks, you know. It was really fun because he didn’t know we were gonna be there.”

The actor then recalled Drake’s reaction to the pleasant surprise.

“We’re in Miami and we were behind the bar,” Cranston said, “and Drake is thinking, let’s see, what should I order? And I said, can I get something for you, sir? And he goes, yeah, I’d like… Oh!

You can watch the full interview above.