Cardi B Fires Back At Candace Owens Following Criticism Of Her Joe Biden Interview

Cardi B scored an interview with presidential candidate Joe Biden last month, and while it was pretty innocuous, it riled some folks up. Among those is Candace Owens, the political commentator with whom Cardi has had beef before.

During a conversation with Ben Shapiro, Owens condemned Biden for speaking with Cardi after not having granted many interviews during this campaign cycle, saying, “This would be akin to Donald Trump saying, ‘I’m going to give no interviews,’ but he came up and he decided to give an interview to Justin Bieber.” Later in her criticism, she referred to Cardi as an “illiterate rapper.”

Cardi responded on Twitter, sharing a video of her sister apparently being harassed by Trump supporters on a beach and writing, “You wanna know why joe gotta talk to me Candice cause I have the #1 song & yet my sister can’t go to the beach in the Hampton’s wit out trump supporters harassing cause they were by themselves & Santa Claus was harassing my sis GF all because they are a Afro/Hispanic gay couple.”

Owens answered, “To clarify—Joe Biden ‘gotta talk’ to you because you have the number 1 song and Santa Claus was harassing your sister? Um. K. Thanks for clearing that one up.” Cardi fired back, “Yes you are right I have the number 1 song & I have a huge platform and I can make millions go vote to get the MAN THAT USED YOU .I don’t want to argue with you Candace I really don’t have the time .I honestly just feel sorry for you.

The back and forth continued with Owens writing, “You are encouraging MILLIONS to go vote for the man that locked up entire generations of black men. Maybe go google: JOE BIDEN AND 1994 CRIME BILL. Joe Biden used you. Bernie Sanders used you. Neither one of them like or know your music. They think you’re dumb.” Cardi answered, “& you are encouraging millions to vote for a man who laugh Everytime a black men gets killed by a cop and tell millions of Americans to drink bleach. Trump didn’t even have you talking at the Republican convention. He thinks you’re dumb.MASA did you dirty but you mad at me ?”

Owens continued, “Lastly, asking racist Joe Biden to lower your taxes in the same breath that you asked for free universal healthcare is about as thick as it gets. When you stick to music, you can get left alone. When you dabble in politics, you will get called out for platforming ignorance.” Cardi responded, “Well paying taxes is something that as much as I hate it’s a reality I will always have to pay …but I rather my tax money go to free education then police funding ….Use my money on something USEFUL.Your president use our tax money to fu d his empty campaign runs.”

Cardi then took the conversation over to Instagram, sharing a six-minute video in which she criticized Owens’ positions and accused her of chasing clout. Cardi then shared a video of Owens talking about Floyd’s arrest and death, and Cardi wrote, “Lost soul. The type of people that drag me all day online all cause I hate trump.This girl tho she makes me sad.She have a identity issue.She hates her own kind.I never f*cked a white men so idk how good white duck is to make turn against my own race but this girl is six months pregnant harrassing all cause of a song Called WAP and Trump .Well I hope I made your bay kick sweety.”

Cardi then dug up an old tweet from Owens, in which she names Cardi as one of her “predictions for the black revolution for free thought.” Cardi wrote, “Since 2018 you been knew the power and potential that I have.I will never let ya SILENCE MY VOICE cause you threatened by the power that I have for a NEW BEGINNING AND CHANGE ! People will call you dumb , stupid but deep down inside they know you a f*ckin FORCE.”

Cardi B is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.