Cardi B Delivers A Classy Clap Back After Candace Owens Challenges Her To A $250K Political Debate

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Cardi B’s political takes are getting all kinds of attention lately, from Bernie Sanders acknowledging her support to her opinions on police brutality going viral. It seems that people really respond to huge stars being outspoken, which brings attention seekers like political “pundit” Candace Owens out of the woodwork. Owens, apparently sniffing out a chance to extend her own platform, challenged Cardi to a political debate via Twitter, even going so far as to offer up $250,000. Too bad for her, Cardi would rather see that money go to some worthwhile causes, preferring instead to listen to candidates discuss their policy platforms themselves.

“Why don’t you use that 250k for a charity that will be more helpful,” Cardi wrote back. “I like Bernie because since the 60s he’s been fighting for equality. It looks like progression is really his passion. I still want to ask other candidates questions that my followers would like to know.” She followed up by explaining her only purpose in talking about politics so much lately is to inspire that same passion in others. “My actual goal is to educate the Youth on our candidates,” she admitted. “To advocate and spread the message on ANY candidate they chose to support, The same way you do for your favorite. That is all.”

Aside from delivering one classy comeback, Cardi’s response also highlights how “conservative” pundits, as Owens identifies, usually seem to spend more time trolling for self-promotion than actually working to address the issues they care about or even promoting candidates they believe in. The last time a rapper became involved with Owens, it turned out she was mainly exploiting his celebrity for her own ends. Meanwhile, those folks who continuously challenge Cardi because she’s “just” a rapper seem to forget that her interest has been co-signed by high marks in her AP Government classes and recognized by folks who actually know what they’re talking about.

Cardi B is a Warner Music artist. .