A Lawsuit Against Cardi B For Threatening A Blogger’s Life Has Been Dismissed

TMZ reports that a judge has dismissed a lawsuit against Cardi B for allegedly threatening a blogger after the blogger made disparaging comments about the rapper online. The blogger, Latasha K, filed the suit against Cardi in response to Cardi suing her for defamation over the comments, claiming that Cardi’s response prompted death threats from the rapper’s fans.

The judge said that Latasha failed to produce any evidence that [Cardi] herself threatened [Latasha] or made her believe that she was going to harm her. Instead, [Latasha] has only made allegations that others who may be associated with [Cardi] made these threats … and has failed to demonstrate here that the threats … were directed by [Cardi].”

Meanwhile, Complex detailed the tiff between the two media personalities, which began in 2019 when Cardi sued two bloggers, Latasha and Starmarie Ebony Jones, for making videos full of outlandish claims about Cardi. Among them were accusations of drug abuse they said would cause her daughter Kulture to be born with “intellectual disabilities.” Cardi gave both bloggers the opportunity to back down and remove the videos but when they refused, she sued them for defamation, warning them of the impending suit on social media.

Cardi B is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.