Cardi B And Offset Got Kulture A Six-Figure Watch For Her Third Birthday

By the time they hit three years old, most children are still learning numbers, let alone how to read a clock. That didn’t stop Cardi B and Offset from giving their child one of the most extravagant birthday presents anyone could receive, whether they were a little kid or senior citizen.

You may be aware of the Swiss luxury watch company Richard Mille, which was founded in 2001 and has since been name-checked in about 200 rap songs as one of the pinnacles of wealth in hip-hop — particularly by Jay-Z and Meek Mill. They can run upward of $1.5 million as a result of both their super high-end craftsmanship and rarity, with only five of the above-mentioned, $1.5 million RM 056 chronograph tourbillons produced.

While the Richard Mille timepiece given to Kulture at her fairytale-themed third birthday party by her parents Cardi B and Offset doesn’t quite reach that price range, the lowest end of the range would set you back over $150,000. For her part, Kulture accepts the present like a typical kid — she looks way more interested in the box. Of course, Offset and Cardi are hardly the first parents in the hip-hop world to overshoot the mark; in 2019, Future was subject to a deluge of jokes for giving his five-year-old a Rolex. Heck, this isn’t even the first time Cardi and Offset splurged on Kulture’s birthday; in 2019, they spent over $400,000 on her birthday, and last year, they bought Kulture a Hermes Birkin bag, presumably to keep stuff like her Fisher-Price figures in.

Check out videos from the extravagant party below.

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