Cardi B Tweets And Deletes A Defense Of Her Previous ‘Drugging And Robbing Men’ Comments

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A few months ago, Cardi B came under fire when comments she’d previously made during an Instagram Live stream resurfaced, causing her to be compared (disingenuously) to Bill Cosby and R. Kelly. While discussing her past as a stripper, the rapper admitted that, much like the plot of the upcoming movie Hustlers which Cardi also stars in, Cardi used to rob some of her customers after they were all drugged-up. The subsequent backlash had many on social media calling Cardi a rapist — a rumor which persisted, despite Cardi never admitting to anything of the sort.

It looks like Cardi finally reached her breaking point with the rumors, because earlier today she unleashed on Twitter venting about not only the falseness of the accusations against her, but also the hypocrisy of them. While defending herself by stating “I never harmed NOBODY OR PUT NOBODY IN DANGER,” she also reminded her followers that women in her situation generally face more danger than the men who patronized their services: “It’s a lot of sh*t that happens in the night life,” she said. “It’s a lot of time(s) a girl can end up in a situation and get rape(d), robbed, or kill(ed).”

In addition to again insisting that “Never did I f*ck NOBODY,” Cardi clarified that she herself never did the actual drugging, she only took advantage after her customers overindulged on their own and passed out. From the looks of some of the tweets, Cardi herself was possibly a bit inebriated while she was typing them, which would explain the somewhat garbled phrasing. Although Cardi later deleted the impassioned rant, HotNewHipHop was able to capture screenshots first. You can see the full screen capture below.


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