Cardi B’s AP History Teacher Supported Her Outspoken Political Comments By Citing Her Test Scores

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Cardi B touched quite a few nerves with a recent political tirade decrying the just-ended government shutdown. Critics were quick to question Cardi’s expertise and knowledge on the subject of US politics, while Cardi was equally quick to shut down their criticisms with her own brand of street-born brashness. However, she’s also drawn her fair share of supporters — including one who personally taught her about government and brought the receipts to back her up.

On Thursday, history teacher Joan Hill, who instructs at Renaissance High School for Musical Theater and the Arts in the Bronx where Cardi attended high school, posted on Facebook challenging Cardi’s critics with some supportive comments of her own. “For those of you on my feed who are trashing Cardi B for representing a political voice,” she wrote, “A) she probably scored higher than you on the US History regents exam and was in my AP govt class. B) You’re not nearly as busy as her, and what have you done to advance political discourse in this country? C) She has a national platform and is using it to speak about things that are important.”

She completed the missive with the perfect dismissal for anyone who had something to negative to Cardi: “D) STFU and take a seat.” It’s clear that Cardi learned well from one of the best. According to Jezebel, Cardi had previously expressed her early ambitions to become a history teacher before becoming a rapper and told her fans during an Instagram Live stream that she spends much of her free time reading up on world political history. As it turns out, her rambunctious personality and her intelligence aren’t mutually exclusive as some seem to believe, and as her political critics keep finding out on Twitter.

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