Cardi B And Offset Are Reportedly Being Sued For Causing $85,000 In ‘Significant Property Damage’

Cardi B and Offset have reportedly been sued for both not paying rent and causing “significant property damage” on a Beverly Hills vacation home, according to TMZ. The publication claims that, from the court documents, the two left the property in October 2023, and did not provide notice to the landlord.

On top of this, the landlord who filed the lawsuit is also alleging that Cardi B and Offset owe at least $85,000 in the damages caused, which include “permanent scratches in the tile floors, rugs, and curtains, broken furniture, holes in the walls, and burn marks on things like tables, counters, and cabinets.” He claims he has been unable to contact either of them.

The alleged lawsuit follows Cardi B and Offset’s public split, which has played out on social media over the past few weeks. “I’m curious for a new life — for a new beginning,” Cardi revealed on a livestream just a couple of days ago. “And yeah, I’m excited.”

She also hopped on Twitter, directly tagging him in tweets about how she was fully planning to “take it there” about how he had been sucky to her.

It’s still unclear what caused their split, or if the dispute on the property with the landlord had anything to do with it.

Cardi B is a Warner Music artist. .