Cardi B Responds To Carole Baskin’s ‘WAP’ Comments: ‘You Killed Your Goddamn Husband’

Last week, when Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B unveiled their new collaboration, “WAP,” the reception was celebratory for the most part. However, some fans and even a candidate running for Congress took to social media to show their disdain for the track. As unlikely and surprising as the comments from members of Congress were, another surprising take arriving from Tiger King stand-out Carole Baskin who claimed the tigers shown in the “WAP” video were most likely photoshopped, and if not, they were mistreated on set. Giving her own response to Baskin’s comments, Cardi B shared her thoughts in a recent i-D Magazine interview.

“I’m not gonna engage with Carole Baskin on that. Like, that’s just ridiculous you know? Oh, Lord,” Cardi said when she was asked specifically for her thoughts on Baskin’s comments. “Like, girl you killed your goddamn husband.” Cardi’s last comment comes after fans of Tiger King concluded Baskin was responsible for her husband’s death, something Cardi alluded to agreeing with back in March in a tweet that called her a “slick b*tch.”

In the interview, Cardi was also asked for her opinion on the negative comments “WAP” has received altogether. “It doesn’t make me angry,” Cardi said. “It makes me happy. They keep talking and the numbers keep going up. At the end of the day, whatever they’re saying, the numbers speak for themselves.”

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