Fans Are Roping In Everyone From Kylie Jenner To Lil Kim In Their Discussion Of Cardi And Meg’s ‘Wap’

Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s new collaboration “WAP” has sparked a wide range of reactions on social media as fans come to grips with the catchy new song. While there are plenty of straightforward opinions about the song itself, both the song and its music video have prompting a surprising variety of discussions ranging from facetious to timely as it becomes clear that the track is more than just a celebration of its artists… ahem… anatomies.

The first, most obvious thread to emerge stemmed from the cameo appearances in the video. While fellow female rappers and stars like Mulatto, Normani, Rosalía, Rubi Rose, and Sukihana made appearances, one cameo generated puzzlement and some outrage among fans. Midway through the video, reality star Kylie Jenner makes an appearance to wander the halls of the topsy-turvy mansion setting.

Some appeared miffed by her appearance, especially after some early coverage seemingly focused on her cameo over the importance of the collaboration between the two top female rappers. Jenner’s name trended on Twitter, along with those of other women fans would have preferred replace her, such Bay Area rapper Saweetie and even iconic actress Betty White.

Meanwhile, another set of names to trend on Twitter included those of Lil Kim and Trina, the pioneers of the raunchy rap tradition to which “WAP” proudly subscribes. While some fans also posited Kim as a replacement for Kylie Jenner, other simply used the opportunity to proclaim her continued importance to the rap game, decades after she made her debut on Junior M.A.F.I.A.’s Conspiracy.

Another tweet that went viral was a tongue-in-cheek satire courtesy of The Daily Show‘s Jaboukie White, who sarcastically questioned whether there is “space for more than one male rapper in the game,” a sly reference to the discussion that had dogged women in rap for nearly a decade, right up until Megan Thee Stallion first appeared and fans questioned whether she would end up beefing with Nicki Minaj and Cardi, two women who’d been pit against each other almost as soon as Cardi began to achieve notoriety for “Bodak Yellow.” Instead, Megan wound up collaborating with both — albeit on separate tracks a year apart — proving that unity is stronger than beef. The replies to Jaboukie’s tweet are hilarious though.

However, in all the celebration of female solidarity and praise for the exposure for upcoming talents like Sukihana and Mulatto, there was one group who just couldn’t find it in themselves to bypass the bitterness: The Barbz, who dragged their favorite into another round of pointless Cardi B slander as if the whole point of the “WAP” video wasn’t to show that there’s room for everyone.

Of course, there are also lower-profile discussions taking place within all this, about women’s sexual freedom — “WAP” is a truly FILTHY song and men should understand why that’s a good thing, yet… — about the doors of the music industry opening for multiple women for the first time in forever, about media’s never-ending quest for clicks, and more, but for now, let’s all just continue to enjoy the song for what it is: An iconic musical moment that brought together two of rap’s biggest female powerhouses to basically break the internet.

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