Noted Wife Guy Chance The Rapper Was Seen Getting Enthusiastically Twerked On At Carnival By A Woman Who Was Not His Wife And People Have Thoughts

Fans on Twitter are buzzing about Chance The Rapper, sending his name onto the trending topics list. However, it wasn’t because of new music. Instead, fans were enthralled by a video of the Chicagoan artist, who was seen enjoying a Carnival vacation in Jamaica. In the video, a pair of women playing mas twerk in front of the rapper for a few seconds before all three burst into laughter.

The reason for the controversy, though, stems from Chance’s well-known reputation as hip-hop’s foremost “wife guy.” Chance famously married his longtime girlfriend, Kirsten Corley, with whom he shares two daughters, in 2019. He even went as far as naming his debut album The Big Day — a fact that drew the amusement of fans and generated the meme of Chance as an inveterate simp for his spouse (which… isn’t exactly a bad thing, but the audience loves a scumbag more than a square).

So, seeing Chance living it up in Jamaica with scantily-clad women had some Twitter users up in arms. “Chancellor where is yo wifeeee,” wrote one. However, others seemingly backed him up, pointing out that dancing in public should hardly be considered grounds for divorce. Some fans even pulled up the lyrics to his Coloring Book house party anthem “Juke Jam,” in which he says, “I mean, it’s just dancing, it’s harmless as f*ck.”

There are plenty of other reactions but they typically seem to fall into one of the three categories. America is such a strange place. Check out a few more responses below.