Chance The Rapper Gets Roasted By Fans After Missing 11 Shots In A Row

Chance The Rapper visited LA’s Staples Center to shoot his shot — and miss, many times — to prove he won’t be joining the NBA any time soon. The rapper was attending a Clippers game and had the opportunity to cool down on the court. But instead of impressing the sidelines, he missed the basket 11 times in a row. And his fans won’t let him live it down.

Chance attended the Clippers game against the Milwaukee Bucks Wednesday. After the game was over and the team had lost by a mere five points, the rapper was allowed on the court. In the footage obtained by TMZ, Chance squares up in front of a small crowd and misses the basket from several angles on the court.

Chance was finally able to sink a 3-pointer shot, but the lead-up was so excruciating that the person filming the video yelled, “You suck!” The cameraman wasn’t the only one to provide commentary on Chance’s skills — or lack thereof. He proceeded to get roasted on Twitter after the footage went live.

One Twitter user warned those to “stay away” if they shot a basketball like Chance.

Other users decided to comment on the manner in which he actually did make a basket.

Chance didn’t let his roasts go unanswered, though. He responded to his haters on Twitter. “I know my follow thru was huff but that catch and shoot was wet,” he wrote.