Chance The Rapper Addresses The Skeletons In His Closet In His ‘We Go High’ Video

Chance The Rapper gave fans a page from his diary on his latest record The Big Day. The album tells the story of Chance’s rise to fame and how that fame affected the relationships around him. One particularly emotional track, “We Go High,” tells the story of his relationship with his wife and how they were separated for a brief period of time. Chance created an impactful video to “We Go High,” which premiered on his Instagram.

Directed by Elijah Alvarado, the video opens with several shots of Chance’s hometown, Chicago. The first scene shows Chance’s wife rummaging through skeletons in his closet in order to find her suitcase. As the lyrics chronicle Chance’s relationship with his wife, the video shows Chance moving through a montage of black-and-white visuals.

Watch Chance The Rapper’s “We Go High” video below, premiered on his Instagram page.

Chance also debuted a behind-the-scenes look at the making of his “We Go High” video.

“The song ‘We Go High’ is about my overall relationship with my wife and the ups and mainly downs of it and how we went through it all and ended up in a better situation than we started,” Chance said. In the behind-the-scenes video, Chance said he thought it was special to be able to work with a local Chicago video crew who used the city’s landscape to show a local’s perspective. On top of using local scenes from the city, Chance shot the video in a place dear to his heart. The video’s apartment scenes were shot in the place Chance and his wife lived when they had their first child.