Charli XCX Wants No Boys Involved In Her ‘Girls Night Out’

In a recent interview, Charli XCX said she wanted to release a ton of music, saying, “My intent at the moment is that I just want to be releasing as much music as possible, whether that’s collaborations or my own songs. […] Over the past year and a half, I’ve realized how much I love being in the studio and how much I love collaborating and how much of a good curator I am. I just want to do that, whether that’s in mixtape form or album form or whatever.”

While that leaves it uncertain whether or not she’ll release an album or mixtape soon, there’s no denying that she’s been busy. In the past month or so, she’s shared “5 In The Morning,” “No Angel,” “Focus,” and now there’s another new single. She just released “Girls Night Out,” an upbeat, Sophie- and Stargate-produced pop party that’s about what many fun songs are about: going out and having a great time. Standing in direct opposition of the theme of her hit “Boys,” though, there are no dudes involved this time: “It’s a girls night out / No boys, no boys,” she sings in the chorus.

For XCX fans, this one has been a long time coming: Demos of the track leaked in 2017, and Sophie performed the song live earlier this year. XCX retweeted a video of that performance shortly after and wrote, ‘This is still [one] of my most favorite songs I’ve ever been a part of!!! [This song is] still very much alive and well and [very] important [to] me!!”

Listen to “Girls Night Out” above.