Charli XCX’s New Year’s Resolution Is To Release A New Album

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New Year’s resolutions are often made and broken, but let’s pray to the pop gods that this one isn’t.

Charli XCX, whose 2017 mixtape Pop 2 was a work of weirdo creative genius, shared her goals for 2019 with fans on Twitter. Her resolutions: “1) Make an album. 2) Release it.”

XCX hasn’t released a proper studio album since 2014’s Sucker, although her mixtape work has allowed her to explore new sounds with more creative freedom. The English singer put out some excellent standalone tracks in 2018 — in another universe, “No Angel” could have been the perfect lead single from a new album.

With Pop 2, XCX has gained critical acclaim and attention beyond her loyal pop following. As an opener for Taylor Swift’s Reputation tour, her newer stuff was introduced to a mainstream audience who might only know her as the vocalist from “I Love It.” Calling it an “album,” it’s assumed that the new project would be another studio record — in which case, it’ll be interesting to see how XCX brings the unique pop sound she adopted on her mixtapes back to a mainstream project.

XCX knows her fans are eager for new music, as evidenced by her caption on the tweet: “About time, right??” Take as much time as you need, though, Charli — just please don’t break this resolution.

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