Chief Keef Fires At Laura Ingraham’s Comments On Pot: ‘Somebody Tell This Tramp I Don’t Shoot Schools Up’

Chief Keef is known for many things, especially the popular line from the cult classic “Faneto,” where he references riding through New York and intending to shoot up New Jersey. However, the Chicago legend took to Twitter Wednesday to clarify that his alleged violent streak does not extend to schools after catching wind of a Fox News clip where Laura Ingraham links violence to marijuana use in the wake of the July 4 mass shooting in Illinois.

In a tweet, Keff posted a picture of the conservative television host with the caption “Somebody tell this TRAMP I don’t shoot schools up.” Back in early June, Ingraham was speaking about the unintended consequences of normalizing pot use and attempted to blame that on recent school shootings, as the suspects were known users. “Why aren’t people in general not talking more about the pot psychosis violent behavior connection?” she asks. She doubled down Tuesday and evidently, the 26-year-old had enough as her words literally hit close to home.

Chief Keef is a known user and advocate for marijuana, and like many who use it, he understandably did not take too kindly to such conclusions being drawn about the drug, especially in reference to the state he resides in. Though his choice of words in the tweet is quite humorous, the messaging is important. Besides, Ingraham provides zero evidence for her boisterous claim.

Check out Chief Keef’s tweet and Laura Ingraham’s diatribes above.