Chika Announces She’s Taking An Online Hiatus: ‘I Know I Need Tangible Help And Support’

Following a series of concerning posts over the past week, rapper Chika has announced via Twitter that she will take a hiatus from social media. In a series of tweets, she shared she plans “to take some time away to get better.” This Twitter thread comes after the “Industry Games” rapper shared via her Instagram Story plans to end her life.

After sharing the Instagram story, several of her peers in the industry, including Latto and Monaleo, expressed their support for Chika. Before her taking a break online, she took to Twitter this morning to apologize for worrying her fans and “lashing out to people who tried to send love.”

“the mind has a sick way of making you feel like everyone is against you when they are not,” she said. “i’ve felt alone for such a long time- so the feeling of arms wrapped around me, trying to uplift me is foreign. i know i triggered many of you, and i am sorry for that as well. i wish less people could relate. it doesn’t feel good to be the person unearthing so many people’s unspoken pain.”

Chika said none of the feelings she shared over the past few days were related to social media, but also feels “being online absolutely does not help.” She admitted she still doesn’t feel better, but thanked her fans for their support.

“no more sharing for now,” she said. “i know i need tangible help and support, so that is my priority right now. please take care of yourselves and each other. life is not fun or easy, but hopefully it can be at least ‘doable.’ love you. see you soon.”

Find Chika’s tweets below.

Chika is a Warner Music artist. .