Chlöe Reflected On Touring With Beyoncé Back In 2016 For The ‘Formation World Tour’

Chlöe may have asked her estranged lover “How Does It Feel” to lose out on her love in the single. But actress and television host Drew Barrymore is turning the question back on her regarding a very special lady in her life. While out promoting her debut solo album, In Pieces, the singer stopped by Barrymore’s namesake talk show.

With the “Body Do” singer currently on tour, Barrymore wanted to take a trip down memory lane when Chlöe and her sister, Halle Bailey, were featured as guest openers for their mentor Beyoncé’s Euporean leg of the Formation World Tour in 2016.

“Oh my God! I’m so excited,” declared the host as she held hands with the singer. Barrymore went on to talk about first becoming a fan of Chlöe which included the tour appearance. “What was that like,” the host asked.

To that, Chlöe replied, “It was really exciting! And all those people [in the audience]. I was like, ‘We get to perform in front of all those people that came here to see Beyoncé?’ That was pretty cool!”

Later on in the interview, Chlöe acknowledged that despite all that she’s accomplished professionally, at times, she is still harsh on herself. When asked what she does to shake out of those moments, she replied, “So I’ll cry it out first. I’m gonna be honest. I call my God mom, and I call Halle and my siblings and just cry and cry, and they’ll be like, ‘Boss up.'”

She added, “And I’m gonna be honest, when my album came out last week, I never thought the day would come, so when it actually happened, I was like trying to figure out every way in my head to make sure it wasn’t happening, or it was like imposter syndrome, so I keep reciting to myself, ‘I deserve it, I deserve it.'”

Watch the clip above.

In Pieces is out now via Columbia Records and Parkwood Entertainment. Find more information here.