Chris Cornell’s Widow Made A Passionate Case Before Congress For Addiction Treatment And Healthcare Reform

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After Chris Cornell passed away in 2017, it was revealed that he had multiple drugs in his system, and a few months ago, Cornell’s family filed a lawsuit against the late singer’s doctor for medical malpractice. Cornell’s widow, Vicky, has since been passionate about improving treatment options for people suffering from addictions, and on Monday, she spoke about it before Congress.

Speaking to the Bipartisan Heroin And Opioid Task Force, she said that her husband’s doctor was “not properly trained or educated on addiction,” that the problem goes far beyond just this one example, and that something needs to be done about it:

“The part that hurts most is Chris’ death was not inevitable, there were no demons that took over. Chris had a brain disease and a doctor who unfortunately, like many, was not properly trained or educated on addiction. […] We must integrate addiction treatment into our health care system — no more false narratives about the need to hit rock bottom, no more secret societies, no more shame — we must educate health care providers on how to treat addiction and best support recovery.”

Addiction is sadly not an uncommon issue in the music industry today, and since Cornell’s passing, other high-profile musicians have also died with drugs in their system: Lil Peep overdosed on a deadly mixture of fentanyl and generic Xanax, and Mac Miller had fentanyl, cocaine, and alcohol in his system when he died. Meanwhile, other musicians like Lil Xan, who went to rehab late last year, have been open with their problems with addiction.

Cornell’s children also spoke about their father recently while accepting a posthumous Grammy on his behalf. Cornell’s son Christoper said of his dad, “I never thought we’d be standing here without my dad, and I’m sure he would be proud and honored. […] While he touched the hearts of millions, the most important thing he was known for to us is for being the greatest father and our hero.”