Chris Martin Talks About Woefully Losing The Super Bowl Dance-Off With Bruno Mars And Beyonce

Being asked to perform alongside Beyonce is a losing proposition — you’re gonna be second fiddle. So you can imagine how Chris Martin felt when he was asked to not only play next to King Bey, but get in a dance-off with her and Bruno Mars at Super Bowl 50. On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the Coldplay frontman talked about being dragged into a dance-off by Mars and Bey.

“Bruno wanted us to do that. He said ‘We’ll have a dance-off’ and I came last,” he told Fallon, leading the host to give out a crucial bit of advice.

“If Bruno Mars or Beyoncé ever challenges you to a dance-off, you walk away. You run as fast as you can,” Fallon joked.

It’s fair to say that the Internet noticed Chris Martin struggling to keep up. Hell, even John Oliver felt the need to pile on and it led us to ask whether rock bands are viable halftime entertainment. But Martin was happy to play along to “show a picture of togetherness in this time of everyone being so divided.”

Funny how that worked out. Check out the video up top to also hear Martin land some solid jokes about Budweiser and being too high to remember the Super Bowl.