Premiere: Citris Break The Cycle Of Ennui In Their New ‘Ex-Dreamer’ Video

03.20.17 1 year ago

New York punkers Citris may invoke the defiance of Courtney Love’s Hole and other ’90s grunge on their debut album Panic In Hampton Bays, but like any great band, they have more than one primary setting. Another track off Hampton Bays, “Ex-Dreamer,” has a softer, more contemplative vibe. Like the title suggests, the song tells the story of someone who has all but given up on their past hopes for accomplishing something great.

Today we’re premiering the video for the track, which follows a guy full of ennui hanging out in his apartment and facing down boredom and sluggishness, until something breaks in him and he writhes around on the ground, gets up, and sprints out of the apartment he’s been keeping himself imprisoned in throughout the clip. It’s a succinct microcosm of the way we keep ourselves small with the tasks of our daily lives, and how much determination it can take to break that cycle.

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