New York Punks Citris Channel Courtney Love In Their Defiant ‘Little Scars’ Video

In case you’re unaware, Courtney Love’s band Hole helped define the ’90s grunge-rock sound that her late husband is pinned with championing, except Hole began in LA, not Seattle, and included a collaboration with Kim Gordon on their debut album Pretty On The Inside. The follow-up, Live Through This has helped more people than I can count — myself included — live through their own series of nightmares.

If you haven’t heard that record please stop reading this post and go put it on. Done? Okay, continue reading, because right after that album you will need to listen to another band, Citris, who sound like direct descendants of Love’s slanted grunge rebellion.

Like Hole’s work, the lyrics of Citris’ songs address abusive relationships and f*cked up power dynamics between men and women that often leave women hurt or used. The above video for “Little Scars,” which rock site CLRVYNT dropped the video earlier this week, will give you a good sense of New York band’s shimmering, defiant aesthetic. It’s mesmerizing — I’ve been listening to Angelina Torreano shred and scream all week.

Torreano and guitarist/producer Chris Krasnow met up in Purchase, New York, the upstate enclave that has produced quite a few notable artists over the course of the last few years, and put together their debut album Panic In Hampton Bays as a streaming-only release in 2015. Torreano and Krasnow played every instrument for the songs on the album, but live they’re accompanied by Clint Mobley on drums and Gianluca Minucci on bass.

In 2017, LA-based independent label New Professor Music is releasing the album this year on physical and digital formats. It will be out 2/24, and the so far the video for “Little Scars” is the first single. Pre-order the record here and check out the full tracklist below.

Panic In Hampton Bays tracklist:

1. “On The Sidelines”
2. “Little Scars”
3. “I Guess It’s You That’s Winning”
4. “Ex-Dreamer”
5. “Golden”
6. “Coco Chanel”
7. “Decay”
8. “Lost In Your Love”
9. “New People”
10. “Agoraphobia”
11. “Burn Into The Sun”
12. “One And Only”

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