City Girls’ ‘Point Blank Period’ Documents The Rap Duo That Made Drake’s ‘In My Feelings’ A Sensation

Miami rap duo City Girls are having a moment right now, fueled in part by their star-making guest appearance on Drake’s runaway hit single “In My Feelings.” However, their buzz was already reaching a fever pitch before he scooped them up, thanks to their rambunctious, irresistible debut, Period, out now via Quality Control Records.

Unfortunately, that album may have flown under a few radars outside of the Girls’ very specific dynamic, so Quality Control, who have done a masterful job with the careers of Lil Yachty, Migos, and Cardi B, are reintroducing JT and Yung Miami to the world at large with a documentary created in partnership with well-respected hip-hop media group Mass Appeal titled Point Blank Period.

The documentary tracks their rise to stardom from the strip clubs of Miami to Gucci Mane’s high-profile wedding, including a monthly mishap that results in a repurposing of their favorite Cardi B song, while giving them chance to share their philosophy. It even addresses JT’s then-impending incarceration on credit card fraud charges. It’s the perfect way to catch up on Drake’s new favorites before they blow up and another strategic win for Quality Control, keeping City Girls in the spotlight even as JT is out of the picture for the time being. Check out the trailer above.

Period is out now via Quality Control. Get it here.