CJ Fields Jokes About His ‘Whoopty’ Video Sideburns For ‘Behind The Video’

Staten Island standout CJ wisely keeps the “Whoopty” content coming, breaking down his viral hit’s video for Uproxx in Behind The Video. Surprising practically no one, he admits there was no concept for the video when he shot it and recalls that the shoot was a relatively quick one, taking place on a hot summer’s day. What may be surprising is the content of his behind-the-scenes rider, which consists of mostly water and trail mix — “no Hennessy or Patron or stuff like that,” he says.

When it comes to the comments, a truly astonishing number of them focus on his muttonchop sideburns, drawing comparisons to the X-Men‘s Victor Creed (BKA Sabretooth) and photos of Civil War soldiers. CJ takes the comments in stride, though, accepting the Sabertooth comparison and contending that the sideburns are popular with the ladies. When one commenter notes that “pointing at people is rude,” CJ agrees: “I guess I’m rude,” he chuckles.

The rapper also acknowledges the popularity of drill music in the UK, makes a recommendation for Hot Cheetos dusted elote (roasted corn!), and does little to clear up the question of his ambiguous ethnicity.

Watch the latest episode of Behind The Video above.

CJ is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.