Coldplay Become Apes In ‘Adventure Of A Lifetime’ Music Video

Apes are so hot right now. Yesterday, Future dropped his Thanksgiving mixtape and now Coldplay are reimagining themselves as apes in the music video for “Adventure Of A Lifetime.”

The video centers around a bunch of apes who are just going about their business when they discover a BEATS PILL™ that makes them decide they wanna be just like Coldplay (walk like Coldplay, talk like Coldplay, too). Things take a hangglider ride over the uncanny valley from there led by an ape with Chris Martin’s eyes who comes for Andy Serkis and misses horribly. It makes their AMA performance make a little more sense, but only barely.

In addition to the new video, Coldplay dropped another track from their new album called “Everglow.” Notably, the song features none other than misguided poverty activist/Chris Martin’s ex-wife, Gwneyth Paltrow. Check that out here.

A Head Full Of Dreams complete with Obama, Beyoncé and Blue Ivy collabs is out on December 4.

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