Cole Swindell And Dierks Bentley’s ‘Flatliner’ Is A Summer Smash In The Making

Editorial Director, Music
03.06.17 2 Comments

If you haven’t heard of Cole Swindell yet, it’s time to change that, if, for no other reason, than the unrelenting appeal of his new single “Flatliner.” The track is off Swindell’s second album, You Should Be Here, and since it takes a couple albums — and a couple years of songwriting — for most country stars to really breakout, it makes sense that Swindell is just starting to shine.

Though the album came out last summer, this single just hit country radio in late January, and it’s beginning to pick up serious steam. For anyone who swears up and down they hate country but love Sam Hunt, yet haven’t bothered to look any further into the genre than him, I offer you Cole Swindell (and Dierks for that matter). See, it’s not fair for a genre as rich and textured as country to only have one star break out of niche coverage into the mainstream, and by highlighting Swindell now I hope to help expand what people who think they don’t like country music may have heard.

“Flatliner” is his newest single, and it features Dierks Bentley — who is a country music OG — which makes the story of when Swindell wrote the song even better. Originally, Swindell had the song in mind for Bentley. Like many others, Cole was a writer first and Dierks was one of the artists he sought to emulate.

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