Bas, Black Sherif, And Kel-P Put Their ‘Blood, Sweat & Tears’ Into The ‘Creed III’ Soundtrack’s Second Single

Michael B. Jordan may have let it slip that Dreamville boss J. Cole was executive producing the soundtrack to his directorial debut film, Creed III, but ever since, he has remained tight-lipped. The project’s first single, “Ma Boy,” featuring JID and Lute, was shared earlier this month, and now as the movie’s opening week approaches, another track from the soundtrack has hit the internet.

The latest track, “Blood, Sweat, & Tears,” by Dreamville’s own Bas and Ghanaian recording artist Black Sherif featuring Nigerian producer Kel-P, is the epitome of the film’s plot, in which Adonis Creed’s (played by Jordan) legacy is being threatened by his former childhood friend Damian (played by Jonathan Majors). The pair will, as the trailer outlines, “reconnect in the ring, setting up a delicious dichotomy between loyalty and betrayal.”

Bas opens the track with a declaration of faith as he raps, “I’ve been waitin’ all my life, I’ve been spendin’ all my nights / Contemplatin’ all my trails, oh my God, this not overnight / I’ve been givin’ all my soul, I’ve been chasin’ all my goals / Dedication all I know, that’s how hard I go,” which could be a first-hand account from the fictional and namesake character.

On the chorus, Black Sherif joins in for a combined chanting of, “Blood sweat and my tears, no, I will not surrender/ If you take my lead then we can fly together / Heaven never seem to reach, it’s now or never / We got what we need, but we don’t got forever,” which will send chills down your spine if you’re a big fan of climatic cinema as it creates suspense for what’s to come in the film.

Listen to the full track above.

Creed III hits theaters on 3/3.