Daisy Ridley Perfectly Rapped Lil Kim’s ‘Lady Marmalade’ Verse During A Late Night Interview

While on promotional tour for the Shakespearean historical drama Ophelia, Daisy Ridley stopped by The Tonight Show to chat with Jimmy Fallon about the new movie, which releases this Friday, June 28. During the course of the conversation, the pair address the upcoming Star Wars finale, Rise Of Skywalker, leading to a story wherein Daisy gets choked up at a wrap party. The “wrap” in “wrap party” gets misinterpreted by Jimmy, who notes that he’s heard Daisy’s a pretty good rapper, prompting house band The Roots to strike up the tune to the 2008 remake of “Lady Marmalade” from Moulin Rouge.

Although Daisy insists she’s not a rapper — hard “R” — she is pretty good at memorizing verses, leading to an enthusiastic delivery of Lil Kim’s verse from “Lady Marmalade,” which also featured 2000s-era superstars Christina Aguilera, Pink, and Missy Elliott. Considering Daisy would have been in high school around the time that song was dominating TRL and radio airwaves worldwide, it’s no surprise she would be a fan — anyone who watched TV or turned on a radio in 2008 probably had that one stuck in their heads quite a bit, fan or not.

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