Daniel Caesar Unveils The Official Tracklist For His Third Album, ‘Never Enough’

Daniel Caesar’s new album, Never Enough, is due soon, and the Canadian singer-songwriter raised interest today with the release of the album’s tracklist. Consisting of 15 tracks, Never Enough includes both previously released singles, “Do You Like Me?” and “Let Me Go,” along with tracks with witty titles like “Buyer’s Remorse” and “Homiesexual.”

The album will be Caesar’s first since 2019’s Case Study 01, which was well-received critically, but underperformed commercially — likely a result of its abbreviated rollout. It’s possible that album’s reception was also hurt by Caesar’s misstep during a livestream with Dave Chappelle and John Mayer. An inebriated Caesar challenged fans to “cancel” him for defending controversial event promoter YesJulz — a challenge it seemed many gladly took up with regard to his next album.

However, a few strategic features later, Caesar’s fortunes appear to be back on the upswing. In 2021, Caesar was one of the guest singers on Justin Bieber’s hit single “Peaches,” which also featured rising Long Beach singer Giveon, giving him a launching pad for the next phase of his career. Never Enough could very well be the bounce-back Daniel Caesar needs; we’ll all find out when the album drops on April 7 via Republic. For now, check out the tracklist below.

1. “Ocho Rios”
2. “Valentina”
3. “Toronto 2014”
4. “Let Me Go”
5. “Do You Like Me?”
6. “Always”
7. “Cool”
8. “Disillusioned”
9. “Buyer’s Remorse”
10. “Shot My Baby”
11. “Pain Is Inevitable”
12. “Homiesexual”
13. “Vince Van Gogh”
14. “Superpowers”
15. “Unstoppable”