Daniel Caesar’s Powerful New ‘Let Me Go’ Video Is A Cathartic Experience

Daniel Caesar is set to unveil his highly anticipated new album Never Enough next month. So far, he’s shared the seductive single “Do You Like Me?” alongside an impassioned music video, as well as the pained track “Let Me Go,” which is now also getting its own visual accompaniment.

To go with the melancholy song, the video shows Caesar running through a beautiful, surreal field, continuing through the day and night. It’s at once a serene and cathartic sight, which goes perfectly with the subtly powerful ballad. It looks particularly captivating during the breathtaking sunset.

The Canadian artist also recently released a trailer for Never Enough, set in what looks like the same striking landscape where this music video takes place, emphasizing nature as an important element of this new LP. An unreleased song plays in the background of the trailer as he swings upside down from a tree: “In the nick of time, that’s when you appear / Girl I was lost until you found me here / My head was low,” he sings. The Youtube caption mysteriously reads: “Blue again… But not for long.”

Watch the video for “Let Me Go” above.

Never Enough is out 4/7 via Republic. Find more information here.