Escaping The World By Going Inside Day For Night Festival’s Wild, Wonderful Wormhole

Pop Music Critic

What’s the goal of a music festival in 2016? That’s the question I found myself mulling over as I traveled to Houston this weekend, one of the many trips I’ve taken this fall to experience music in other cities, to join fans gathering for events like Day For Night and watch what can feel like limitless sets from musicians who fall on a spectrum of like, to love, to must-see historical events.

Day For Night boasted several of the former and one of the latter — the idiosyncratic electronic music legend Aphex Twin would be performing his first stateside show in eight years, and this, combined with the added appeal of extensive digital art installments, and Houston’s own rising mumble-trap rapper Travis Scott, made the festival yet another trip that seemed too important to miss. So, despite the fact that I was moving into a new apartment the same day, I hopped on a red eye flight last Thursday night to attend the festival’s second-ever iteration. And I’ll tell you right now, Travis Scott alone would’ve made the whole thing worth it.

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