Deante’ Hitchcock Is An AI Boyfriend In His Sci-Fi ‘Plug Me In’ Video

In promoting his impressive debut album Better throughout the year, Atlanta rising star Deante’ Hitchcock has put out some amusing and entertaining videos, including the scam-tastic “I Got Money Now” and the rebellious “Attitude.” His latest visual from the project finds him tapping back into his tongue-in-cheek sense of humor in the “Plug Me In” video.

Directed by WhoIsGLP, the video turns Hitchcock into a series of boyfriend robots that need to be “plugged in” by their owners. After introducing the concept with shots of the Deante’s being manufactured, the rest of the video depicts the outrageous results of the bots in use. One woman is the “Plain Jane” who “only calls when male companion is gone,” while another is a “Sugar Mama” who will “spend her entire retirement check on you.”

Naturally, with the robots classifying their companions this way, it’s only a matter of time before they end up abandoned and thrown in the garbage. All the while, Deante’ clowns such finicky women in the song’s lyrics, warning, “I don’t wanna show up, ain’t no love there.”

Watch Deante’ Hitchcock’s “Plug Me In” video above.

Better (Deluxe) is out now on ByStorm Entertainment/RCA Records. Listen to it here.