Twitter Says It’s Had Enough With ‘Dear 2016’

2016 has been an awful year to be an icon. In the television and entertainment world, we lost Chyna, Gary Shandling and Alan Rickman. Over on the music side of things we saw the death of David Bowie and Merle Haggard. But after The Purple One himself passed away, Twitter users brushed off their favorite GIFs to let the Grim Reaper know he’d gone a bridge too far. “Dear 2016” let the world collectively work through its anger stage.

It started out with folks telling the year to just knock it off.

Others were a little bit more vocal with their displeasure:

Some had honest questions for the brutal calendar year:

And some were ready to throw in the towel:

But a good chunk of users found another path. Namely, bargaining.

Many users couldn’t help but notice the similarity to a certain beloved series that’s coming back this weekend:

And many worried about the legends who are left, with Stevie Wonder trending right alongside news of Prince’s death.

Even news organizations got in on the action. Vice published a piece titled “Dear 2016, F*ck You” that was simply a picture of Prince and a single word: “F*ck.”

Of course, this was merely one way to react to Prince’s death. For those of you who want to work out your feelings to some Purple One tunes, check out WXPN.