Denzel Curry Brings ‘Bad Luck’ To DC Comics’ Upcoming ‘Death Metal’ Soundtrack

The comics world and hip-hop have crossed over numerous times in recent years, from Marvel Comics’ classic rap album-inspired cover series to books penned by or featuring rappers like Jean Grae, Rae Sremmurd, and more. This month, DC Comics will deepen the connection with the release of the Dark Nights: Death Metal Soundtrack album, conceived as a companion to the popular comic book crossover storyline “Death Metal.” Today, DC released the latest single by Florida thrash-rap pioneer Denzel Curry.

While the track may feel like a bit of a departure from some of the more traditional releases from Denzel, it’s in keeping with his well-noted appreciation for punk, thrash, and metal. Employing a characteristic low-register guitar riff and headbanging tempo, Denzel smashes metal and rap together for a hardcore experiment in kicking through the lines between genres. “I have this motto that I use in the studio, though, of ‘shoot first, ask questions later,’ so after a few convos we called up my homie Spencer from Trash Talk and made it happen,” he explained in a statement. “Some of you might love it and some might even hate it. For us, it was an experiment.”

Listen to “Bad Luck” above.

Dark Nights: Death Metal Soundtrack is out digitally on 6/18 on Loma Vista Recordings, with physical LPs out 7/16. You can pre-order them here.