Don Toliver And Kali Uchis Celebrate The Birth Of Their Son: ‘You Are Everything We Could Have Hoped For’

Don Toliver is deep into the rollout of his fourth studio album Hardstone, which is shaping up to be one of his most personal projects yet. In the new video for “Deep In The Water” he released today, Toliver shares the first glimpse of his and Kali Uchis‘ son after they announced they were expecting in January.

In the video, which maintains the “motorcycle gang” aesthetic Toliver has chosen to represent his current creative direction, the Houston rapper rides his chopper down a desert highway under a chill blue filter. He also performs in a wood-paneled living room with the same filter, with rapid cuts showing off the baby’s feet and Kali holding him.

On Instagram, Kali posted a celebratory post featuring clips from the video interspersed with home video from the hospital. In the caption, she wrote, “ou are everything we could have hoped for & more. Thank you God for our beautiful healthy baby boy, & thank you all for the Good energy along the way. may our home & your homes forever be blessed with peace, happiness & health.”

You can see Kali Uchis’ post below and watch the “Deep In The Water” video above.

Don Toliver is a Warner Music artist. .