Diddy Gave DJ Khaled The ‘Flyest Of The Fly’ Golf Cart As A Surprise Gift

Diddy treated his good buddy DJ Khaled to a surprise recently: a luxurious golf cart. Khaled thanked his friend for the gift by sharing a video on his Instagram feed of the moment he received it.

“If you gonna be the number one in golfing, we gotta make sure you’re number one in the golf cart, baby. Sh*t looks rich, sh*t looks healthy, looks like it fits my brother Khaled,” Diddy said.

“Let me be clear, Diddy just bought me a golf cart. He got me this as a gift,” Khaled adds in the clip.

Diddy explained more about the backstory behind why he gave Khaled a golf cart in his own Instagram post, noting that he saw just how hard his friend was working at the sport.

”I’m so proud of my brother @DJKhaled for all the work he’s putting in on the golf course,” Diddy captioned. “Enjoy my gift to you! I had to find the flyest of the fly for my brother! This ain’t no regular degular golf cart!”

“Thank you @diddy love brother beautiful gift !!!!!!! Grateful ! #LetsGoGolfing,” Khaled commented, once again expressing his sincere gratitude for the extravagant vehicle.

According to Billboard, Khaled is also reportedly filming a TV show about golfing. Diddy has also said that he “shot the pilot for Khaled’s new TV show,” giving some more insight to the duo’s relationship.

Check out DJ Khaled‘s new golf cart from Diddy above.