It Looks Like Diddy Is Going Through With That Name Change After All, With One Difference

Sean Combs, better known as “Diddy” for the last handful of years, is officially changing his alias, despite saying that the “Brother Love” moniker was just a joke. He will now be known simply as “Love,” a title he says is “an evolution of my soul and my vibration.”

Stopping by Jimmy Kimmel Live, he explained that he was “retracting the retraction” of the Brother Love name and revising it to this new, shorter version. “I never went back to Diddy and I made an edit from Brother Love, since I’m already black, to just Love,” he explained. “The Brother seemed redundant. And it’s working out great. Who doesn’t love Love?”

He elaborated that the earlier condition that he would no longer respond to “Diddy,” “P. Diddy,” or “Puff Daddy” was out, as well. “You can call me by the other names,” he conceded. “It’s just an evolution of my soul and my vibration. I’m Diddy, but during the days that are really, really good, I’m Love – which is all of the time.”

Thank goodness for that, because it’s getting pretty hard to keep track of all his name changes. For what it’s worth, dropping the “Brother” was probably a decent idea if nothing else — that name was already taken.